Because There’s Nothing More Rational Than Brownies

From my kitchen.

From my kitchen. Yes, that’s a chart of the female muscular system. It makes me think of tasty food, what can I say?

We have 2 potlucks to attend this weekend, and we need food to take. Jenny has also had the amazing idea of making three batches of brownies with our three kinds of cocoa powder. The solution? Three batches of brownies for a compare/contrast! Hellllllooooo lunch!

Now, I know I’ve talked about not eating too much sugar right now. I get it. I don’t want diabetus. Because nope. However, getting to have 3 different kinds of brownies almost feels like I’m getting six brownies (because different means more specialer, right?). So, there’s nothing more rational that saying “scratch lunch, eat brownies.”

So that’s what I’m doing. Updates on how they taste will have to wait. For now, be jealous of my flavor adventure. Or go make some brownies and send me a few. Fill your boots.


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