Landfall Beta and TeamSpeak

Started messing around with the Landfall Beta, because Oak (my twin brother) got a Beta key to share. It’s pretty great. It’s like MMO Minecraft. I’m in #Love. TeamSpeak is another new friend, and both programs are super user friendly so far.

Stand-outs for Landfall? Easy download, etc; players share resources they gather; there’s an easy way to mask your screenname; Terraforming.

Standouts for TeamSpeak? Quick download, and no account needed.

That’s my new fun. Yay for free games.


One thought on “Landfall Beta and TeamSpeak

  1. Xandrion

    So riddle me this batman, I remember a teamspeak that always crashes and pretty much made my ears bleed when I used it. Is it not like that any more?


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