Habits of Americans That Make Me Sick

I came across a list of comments foreigners had to say about American habits. It reminded me of why I dislike living in America sometimes.

1) Americans eat a LOT of food. We have HUGE portion sizes. From IHOP to Claim Jumper, we have portions that are so large that most people have to take some home every time. Problem is, people think that they actually need to eat that much food, so they do. “Soup or salad” options are bullshit. If you have soup, you have soup. If you have a reasonably sized steak with one side, that should be enough food!

2) There is sugar in everything. Everything. Bread, oh my God, bread. There is so much sugar in American bread, that people will just sit and eat a basket rolls at restaurants. Sometimes, people ask for more. Other times, the waiter is really pushy about it. I made my own bread this weekend, and when I first bit into it, I thought I had made a mistake. The bread was lacking something. When I thought about it, though, my “white-ish” bread tasted more like gourmet bread, because it didn’t have a lot of sugar in it!

3) Pop. Why the fuck do people order large sodas at fast food places? There are free refills, and your soda does NOT need to be an “on the road” beverage. Take water in your car, order a small soda, and drink soda while you are IN the restaurant. Leave it behind when you leave. Also, when the server brings you a soda when you still have a half of a glass left, IGNORE IT. It’s a trap. One that will taste amazing, and leave you feeling bad for hours afterwards.

4) “Low prices”. Companies are so determined to make their food look “cheaper” there are no (zero) tax labels on shelves. In pretty much every other country in the world, taxes are included in the shelf price. That way people know what they are paying. Prices on food in restaurants also include tips in those countries. You don’t have to think about how to split your food and/or tip. It’s just there. You know how much you are going to pay. End of story.

5)  Vegetables. Jenny is always giving me crap about not eating vegetables. Part of why I have a hard time eating them is that American produce is disgusting. The “carrots” we buy for the Boy are just water soaked fiber, with little nutritional value. Tomatoes in the stores taste like acid, not like fruit. Guess “what?” Real tomatoes taste like fruit, and you can eat them whole, a bit like apples. And salad? I could kill for good salad. American salads are gross. Do you know why? People feel like they have to eat them all the time to be healthy, so companies produce super cheap produce to keep costs down.

6) Bathroom privacy. We are stuck somewhere between Asia and Europe. In Asia, there is no shame in the bathroom. There are no doors on the stalls, and sometimes, there aren’t even stalls. It’s awesome, but a little uncomfortable for Americans. In Europe, you can’t see into a stall. Stalls have privacy. They even have little red labels to tell you the stall is occupied if the door is locked.

7) Cheese. In other countries, cheese is something you have by itself. It doesn’t go on everything. Granted, in Italy, you are likely to find rich, cheese-filled foods. But it’s not in everything, and most of the time you don’t put it in your SOUP!

8) Last thing: Food coloring. Meat has chemicals in it to make it “the right color”. Fresh meat looks “bloody” even though butchered meat doesn’t have blood in it anymore. Soda, soup, drinks, and pretty much anything that comes pre-packaged has so much food coloring in it that you can TASTE the fake colors, and the preservatives that make those colors last.

Comments? Questions? Emotional outbursts? Let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Habits of Americans That Make Me Sick

  1. Cynthia

    Rory, You just figured this all out…lol… Being that I work in the food industry, most foods do gross me out. My advice to you and Jenny is try and buy organic when possible. If you have a “Natural” grocery store close by, shop there. I only buy dark leafy lettuces, on the vine tomatoes and loose carrots to make my salads with. Hamburger, I will buy a roast and have them grind it for me. Try and avoid any pre packaged foods. If you make it yourself you know what is in it. I re discovered Boars Head lunch meat the last few months while working in a sister store. OMG the difference in flavor is unbelievable. It is expensive but worth it. Plant a garden this Spring. Once you switch to organic/natural foods it’s hard to go back.

  2. zooey

    Agree with Cynthia, produce from certain places stink. Go to Whole Foods or other places of the like for better produce. Other stuff you say, totally agree.

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  4. Stevie

    Some of your points seem good, but the way you’ve made them sounds arrogant and pushy and just judgemental. It’s not just eating habits of Americans that are ugly.

    In 10 years time, you’re going to re-read this and think “what the hell was I thinking”. Or maybe you wont. Maybe you wont have grown up enough to tolerate other people by then.

    Trying to control other people’s habits? That’s the definition of being onto a loser from start. So writing about how you’d like to control them just makes you look a bit of a douche.

    You should apply for a job in today’s government though, (although you might have to wait until the democrats get back in, you’d be perfect for them). You’ve got the correct level of judgemental arrogance to be a democrat, and are willing to tell people how they should live and what they should think. Definite running mate material for someone like Hillary Clinton.

    Your points sound like good advice for you. Why not just leave it at that and handle your game the way you think it should be handled, and then let other people handle theirs, or are you their boss or something?

    1. Rory Post author

      I find most of your points a bit odd.

      First, I have no interest in controlling other people’s habits. This piece was opinion and I do not advocate, in any way, telling someone else how they should live their lives. #ConservativeValues.

      Second, it’s already been 5 years, and I can tell you that I do not regret this post at all. My opinions have not changed in the slightest. My diet has, though. I avoid food coloring and cheese more than I did at the time I wrote this post.

      Third, the rest of your points have nothing to do with my post. I’m sorry you missed the part where this post had nothing to do with politics. Finding an opinion piece and deciding it does all the things your comment says it does is just a good way to make everything think you’re a bit confused, and I’m honestly not sure why you’re here.

      That said, this is literally a place where crazy people come to read about a crazy person. Look around, have fun. Rant about how the guy with PTSD is “nucking futs,” or whatever sounds like a good time to you. If I’m not your cup of coffee, that’s fine. The rest of the internet is open 24 hours a day, every day.


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