Share your stories anonymously.

Sometimes, your own face is just too darn public.

Sometimes, your own face is just too darn public.

So, ever since I started this blog, people have been coming out of the wood work to tell me about their many various experiences with mental illness. These stories include realizations of their own mental illness, fear of treatment, and concern for their close friends and families. I would like to open some of these stories up to be shared with you all. However, I would like to do this in a way that can be shared with the most people possible. So, I am planning on putting them all on Facebook. If you message TerminallyIntelligent, sharing your story, we will share it with the community anonymously. However, you must grant permission for us to do so. Please grant this permission explicitly, so that Facebook, government officials, and friends of the writer will know that you shared it with the intention of it being made public. I cannot guarantee all stories will remain perfectly anonymous. This is the age of information, after all. However, I guarantee that I, Rory, will be the only person to see these messages and who they are from. There will be no other moderators on the Facebook page.


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