Stigma Be Gone.

God I love this advertisement.

Bipolar, Unemployed & Lost

I wish there were commercials like this everywhere! If there were commercials like this in the U.S., I think people wouldn’t have a problem talking about it. Can you imagine having a mental illness and you can go out with your friends and discuss it openly, freely. The worst part about the stigma is that I have to pretend to be someone when I’m not. I have to pretend to be happy and fun, when all I want to do it cry and hide. This is the beginning of a movement, to let people know its okay to have this or that. It’s okay. Pass this along! Thanks Depressed Pessimist.

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3 thoughts on “Stigma Be Gone.

  1. OhTemp

    thanks for spreading the word! people need to see this and understand it’s okay 🙂 thanks for the add. make sure if you need to talk about the damn stigma, message me!

  2. kentuckgator

    I tried to bring it up to a friend here and he went off on a tangent about how ‘sick’ people need to be locked up.

    There’s a person I won’t be hanging out with anymore.

    1. Rory Post author

      I would strongly encourage you to ask your friend to re-evaluate his position, and gently let him know that you are “sick,” but have no plans for being “locked up” anytime soon. We can’t shun those around us who have been raised to fear us. We must teach them that we are normal, functioning people, who happen to face ONE extra challenge in their day.


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